Jimmy Vaughan


  • Jimmy has two passions in life: farming and his home town, Abaco.

  • Jimmy started Dunlap Petroleum when then BEC (now BPL) was attempting to sell itself as he wanted a Bahamian company to be central in that process.

  • Dunlap with its partners BP, PowerSecure and Semco were one of the successful final round bidders presenting to the Government a detailed, financially sound business plan to buy and run BEC across The Bahamas.

  • In that process to buy BEC, we identified the need for a renewable energy source to replace the current reliance on imported fossil fuels into The Bahamas, which is costly both economically and environmentally.

  • We identified elephant grass which naturally grows in The Bahamas, that could produce energy in a sustainable and economic way.

  • In May 2017, BAIC and the Government of The Bahamas gave him and his team, permission to conduct due diligence on production of elephant grass as an energy source in Abaco on approx. 6,500 acres of land.

Adrian Lismore


  • Adrian was formerly a Chief Commercial Officer at BP Plc in London until early 2018.

  • Because of his passion for driving renewable energy change, he left BP Plc to form various energy related companies that focus on and promote green energy initiatives.

  • He sits on a number of international company boards, advising on strategic energy initiatives and helping companies drive their vision into reality.

  • He helped Jimmy and his company Dunlap Petroleum, bid to buy and be selected as a finalist in the privatization of BEC (now BPL).

  • Adrian, one the Founders of Spring City Power wants to ensure Abaco has a sustainable, low cost clean energy project that will beneift generations to come.

  • He is a Permanent Resident of Marsh Harbour having a home there for 15+ years.

Issac Collie


  • Issac is also a long time resident of Abaco, born and raised in The Bahamas.

  • He is a lawyer with an extensive practice in both Abaco and Nassau.

  • Issac has a registered financial consulting and advisory business that taps local and international funding and investments.

  • A farmer by passion, he sits and runs a 200+ acre farm to support his family and community. He is the proud financial sponsor of the Long Bay School in Abaco.

Dr. Carlos Costa

Senior Agricultural ADVISOR

  • Former Minister of Environment & Housing for Colombia.

  • He is the Dean of the renowned University of La Salle in Colombia.

  • He has conducted both detailed Agronomic and Agricultural Environment studies and analysis for the proposed fuel using elephant grass and for the proposed location of the Spring City Power Plant.

  • He is a passionate promotor of environmentally sound energy projects around the world and a keen supporter of the Spring City Power Plant.

Frank Knowles


  • Frank is a long time resident of Abaco, born and raised in The Bahamas.

  • Since BAIC granted Jimmy the authority to test the 6,500 acres of land for suitability and reliability of the elephant grass, Frank has been cultivating and harvesting sections for testing.

  • Samples from various sections of the Farm have been sent to both the UK and Colombia to be tested with excellent results.

  • Chemical analysis has been validated in the UK for it's suitability for Biomass Power generation.